"The Activists' Voice with Trish Causey" is a new online radio show that covers all topics relating to human rights, civil rights, and standing up and speaking out for our inalienable rights as human beings. Trish Causey is an activist artist. Her creative works all deal with human and/or civil rights, protection of the freedoms in the First Amendment, and learning from the mistakes of history.

A working, award-winning artist and lifelong activist, Trish teaches voice and theatre training to private clients in person and via Skype as well as in group workshops. She travels around the U.S. teaching her VO'X(TM) workshops to singers, actors, voice over artists, and professional speakers. She is a Certified Instructor in both Pilates and Yoga, incorporating both modalities in her vocal and body awareness training.

Along with The Activists' Voice, Trish hosts and produces the popular radio program, "Musical Theatre Talk with Trish Causey", featuring interviews with Broadway stars and creative teams. She is a freelance theatre writer and works as the Guide for Theatre on About.com, a New York Times company, and is a frequent contributor of cover stories and feature articles for Stage Directions Magazine.

She is finishing up two books, one on theatre and the other on the inner workings of women's passions.

Recently, she joined Plexus Woldwide, promoting breast cancer awareness and healthy weight loss to prevent or reverse the effects of Diabetes. This is especially important to Trish as diabetes and breast cancer run in her family.

  • WITCHCRAZE - set during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, explores the correlation of protecting the First Amendment freedoms, Women's Rights, and tolerance for people who are "different."
  • TWO HEARTS - one-act minimalist opera that explores LGBT identity and equality issues from the inside.
  • HERSTORY - a one-act musical for children highlighting women who affected world events but not always the his-story books.
  • VOICES ON THE WIND - a full-length screenplay set on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, dealing with American Indian rights, tolerance, and identity.
For more information on Trish Causey and all her projects, go to TrishCausey.com.

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