Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Heats Up as Mounted Police & More Barricades Arrive

Reports from the front lines say the NYPD has arrived and OWS participants are being maced and arrested. Eyewitnesses say there are lines of buses ready to take the arrested participants away from the Liberty Plaza area. Tensions have definitely risen here on Day 19 as OWS sets the stage for the national Day of Rage, tomorrow, October 6, 2011.

A live feed of multiple street cameras is brought to the internet world via Global Revolution at

Just a few pictures from @TheOther99 & @annannap of the occupation of Wall Street in New York. Stay tuned for more! Follow @ActivistsVoice on Twitter.

@TheOther99 = "@TheOther99 can CONFIRM some NYPD on horsesback and helmeted.. #OWS. "

@annannap = "More barricades being brought in. Cheers of "shame! shame!" #OccupyWallStreet "

@TheOther99 = "Dinner is served. Chili, grilled vegetables, fruit and nuts, rice and beans. Lines are orderly, lots of smiles.. #OWS. "

@TheOther99 = "This is the best wide angle we got today. Impossible to capture everyone in a single shot... #OWS. "

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